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HIV Prevention Programs



HIV Prevention Programs
The Village at Ed Gould Plaza

WeHo Life
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Positive Images

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West Hollywood (WeHo) Life

WeHo Life One Key Away

Speed dating, yoga retreats, and social events are just a few things WeHo Life offers gay and bisexual men ages 25 and up.

In the club scene, substance abuse can contribute to unsafe sex practices; WeHo Life’s events give you ways to form a social network away from those pressures. You can chat with other men  at the WeHo Life website,

where you’ll also find a calendar of upcoming events and a blog with lots of photos from fun WeHo Life events. A partnership between the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, the City of West Hollywood and other community organizations, WeHo Life helps men live healthier lives, make safer sex choices and lower their risk for HIV infection.

Positive Images

Positive Images Animation

HIV-positive men face a lot of decisions: how to improve sexual health, how to disclose HIV status, and what treatments to pursue. If you need support in making these choices, join the Center’s Positive Images discussion groups or take advantage of our individual counseling services. You’ll meet other HIV-positive guys and get the scoop on new developments in HIV treatment.

We’d also love for you to join us at one of the community forums we host on a variety of topics, including crystal meth, employment and social isolation.

Volunteer Opportunities are available in the Positive Images program. If you are outgoing and want to meet other men who have the same commitment to health as you, consider becoming an outreach volunteer. Training sessions take place throughout the year.

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